Bow Window

bow window

Today, any modern decors include large views that provide more light to any space. In order to create a modern look for your interior, you can definitely use the bow window. This specific element does not confer only a modern interior but also a stylish and elegant décor. Besides all these, the bow window can definitely add warm to any living space as it provides more natural light than any other window type.

Why Should You Choose Bow Windows?

If you feel that your rooms need some special elements that are able to enhance their appearance, then you might consider the bow windows. You can easily obtain them mounted in the right spots especially if you plan a renovation that includes the windows. However, why should you choose them? Well, because these types of windows present great benefits such as:

  • Versatility: The bow window is great to be used in any room such as bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, living rooms and kitchens. As well, because it presents series of attached windows, it can be easily adjusted for any interior size that can accommodate six, five, four or less identical windows.
  • Room Size Expansion: The bow windows create a modern look by providing a great line which delivers a curved shape. The curve creates a wonderful effect enhancing the view with a panoramic aspect that creates the impression of a larger interior. As well, the bow window extends any room size by flooding it with natural light.
  • Efficiency: The framing and glass technologies that are develop for the new bow window models present great options that make any house interior energy efficient. This way, the latest bow window represents the smartest idea in home improvement applications. 
  • Technologies: One of the technologies that are successfully used to produce bow windows is the low-emissivity also known as Low-E. This remarkable technology involves the application of a very thin and transparent metallic layer on the glass. This way, the technology increases the glass durability, shock resistance and insulation properties. Some of the best bow window types present up to nine insulating layers. These special coats do not only prevent heat loss but also act as reflective shields that reject the radiant heat. This way, your space stays warm during cold seasons and cool during hot summers.

Additional Information

As you are able to see, the bow window can easily deliver the best combination possible that ensures a cozy, comfortable and warm interior. By providing great glass options, the bow window is ready to meet any customers’ requests related to the practical and aesthetical aspects. Most of the time, the concordance with the legal norms is ensured by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certificate. Each bow window presents a certificate that specifies the grade of condensation resistance, wind blockage, SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) and U factor (overall heat transfer). 

In case that you are interested in drafts, you should know that there are special gaps provided between wall and window frames, and between windowpanes and frames. This way, the bow window ensures a proper airflow. In addition, you have to know that once you have chosen to install a specific bow window type, you can find various window treatments. You are able to purchase different models that highlight wonderful blinds, curtains and draperies that will perfectly complete your elegant décor.